The Drom 1995

Хэл: Angloromani

Орчуулгын тухай мэдээлэл


Romany has been spoken by Romanichal Gypsies in Britain for over 500 years. The pure Romani language mixed with spoken English, formed the modern Romany speech sometimes known as the Pogadi Chib (mixed up language), or to scholars as Anglo-Romani. It is spoken by Gypsies in Britain and where they have settled in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Many Romany words have come into British English slang such as kushti, mush, chav and wonga. Romany is not fully intelligible with other Romani languages found in Europe and the Americas, although it has some shared vocabulary.

The Drom (The Way)

In 1995 Scripture Gift Mision (SGM) Lifewords published a tract called O Drom or The Drom (The Way) which was a diglot in British Romany and English. The English used selections from the NIV. It was divided into sections:
* The dinilo chavvi dikks the drom kerri (The foolish man takes the road home):
-- Luke 15:11-24;
* The drom to mo-Duvvel (The Way to God):
-- John 14:6, John 3:3;
* Wafedipen lels us avri from mo-Duvvel (Sin separates us from God):
-- Romans 3:23, 1 John 1:8-10;
* Wafedipen mullers (Sin kills):
-- Romans 6:23;
* A tatcho Bengesko tan (Hell is real):
-- Luke 12:4-5;
* Kushti lavs (Good news):
-- 1 Timothy 2:3-4, John 3:16; and finished with
-- Romans 10:9-10

These selections, collectively called The Drom, were digitised by the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) in 2015, as part of the United Bible Societies (UBS) Romani digitisation project.

© Scripture Gift Mission (SGM) Lifewords 1995, 2015 licensed to the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS)

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